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​There are three types of these performers.

Celebrity Impersonator:  This entertainer has the look, the moves, the sounds and all of the elements to bring that celebrity to life in front of you!  They may or may not have a SHOW.  For instance, a Celebrity Impersonator or Elvis Presley will probably have a show.  But a Celebrity Impersonator of Austin Powers will have all of the aspects...but does not perform an actual show.

Celebrity Look Alikes:  These entertainers are just that!  They LOOK LIKE the celebrity they are representing, however, they may not sound JUST like them or have the same expressions or mannerisms.

Tribute Artists/ Bands:  These performers pay "tribute" to their celebrity.  They may not look or sound just like their character, but they are performing a show in "Tribute".  For instance, a Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist will dress in the style of Frank and perform his songs, but he may not necessarily look or sound just like him.