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Here is the general information you will need to know before applying to perform at your fair or festival.


1. This is simply an application. Acceptance to perform is not guaranteed.
2. This is a NON-PAID performance, unless other arrangements have been made.
3. If the stage is outside, we are subject to the weather. Make up performances are not guaranteed.
4. Each performer under the age of 16 will receive two tickets for free admission to the fair. One is for the performer and the other can be used by whomever they wish to give it to. (Usually a parent) 
5. EVERYONE over the age of 16 will receive ONE ticket for their own admission to the fair. 
6. Be ready to go on stage no less than 15 minutes before your time. If you start your performance late, your end time remains the same. If you arrive late, your showtime will be forfieted.

What is expected-
-We are a G rated event! Family friendly! (NO TWERKING)
-NO PROFANITY on or off the stage! (This includes clothing)
-Free Regular Parking (Drive Ons will not be allowed, unless arrangements have been made for unloading equipment).

About Tickets-
-Tickets will be sent out at the end of February.
-Lost tickets will not be reissued.